The Company ::

  • Audited and Approved by
  • Social Responsibility
  • Q.A and Q .C Practice
  • Testing Requirements

Arihant Inc has been audited by several companies against codes like Social Compliance and other Individual Buyers Codes of conduct. The company has also successfully passed third party Audits. These audits have been conducted by Agencies such as AQM and other individual buyers' independent audit teams.

Arihant Inc was built on firm foundation of firm humanitarian values. These include concern for the health and education of the communities we work in, the integration of people with special needs into the workforce, and the protection of our environment. Wherever our company operates we support programs that address these concerns. The company has developed its own procedures which follows the below code –

• No child labour
• No forced labour
• Ensuring workplace safety and health
• Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining
• No Discrimination
• Ensure discipline
• Complying working hours
• Remuneration as per the Govt. Of India.
• Defined management system for Human Resources

Our company has a dedicated team of 5 – 10 employees who are a part of the Q.C. team.

The company provides Q. C. training to factories and has a systematized defects recording system.

The company follows stringent AQL level for all processes.

We are well versed with requirements like Lead free, Cadmium free, Nickel free, Phthalate free, PCP free, AZO free, Formaldehyde free etc.

We Conduct testing with Nominated testing lab with world class testing equipment.