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How a spark turned into a blaze called ARIHANT INC ::

Mr. Maunish B. Shah started with a humble beginning into the Artificial Jewellery Trade business in 2001 and established Arihant Inc in 2008. Arihant Inc offers consistency and reliability in supply, effective marketing support and assurance in the authenticity and integrity of the Jewellery.

Through our network across the globe, we maintain close relationships with our clients offering innovative tailor-made products. We Expertise in Casting made up of white metal and stones with glass beads, wooden beads, resin beads, acrylic beads, ceramic beads, brass accessories and handmade crochet items as well the extensive goods and we are known worldwide.

Jewellery has been one of mankind's most revered substances since the beginning of time.

Arihant Inc's story began over almost one decade ago as a part of Small Export's and Local Trade in 2001. Since its inception we have grown from strength to strength and today are among one of the best Artificial jewellery exporters in the industry.

Today, our operations have One In House state-of-the-art business unit in the Mumbai, with a work force of Skilled Labour and a production capacity of over 25 Thousand pieces a Month. We are well poised to deliver quality products on time, every time. We are a vertically integrated company providing end-to-end business solutions to our clients. Arihant Inc has become a name to reckon within the recent past.

Vision ::

Prompt, Precise & Preferred ...at the Pinnacle ... Always.

Mission ::

Arihant Inc is a Process. A process to add value at each step of the Artificial Jewellery pipeline through innovation, quality & customer focus, creating trust worthy environment which brings success to all Customers involved in the process.

Process: Being Experience in Manufacturing Artificial Jewellery since 2002 with revised status till now we provide the complete service from Design sourcing to final Product.

To provide a product much higher than the customer's expectation in terms of tangible value and embody it with lots of intangible values too.

• Innovation: To be the foremost in the Industry and be recognized as Pioneers in technologies & new concepts whether products, metal, manufacturing or human resources.
• Quality: To provide the quality that ensures customer delight.
• Ensuring workplace safety and health
• Customer focus: Products for the customer, by customer's specifications, & of customer's requirements.
• Trust-Worthy: To create a business environment of utmost trust among all levels and functions

Our commitment to environment shows that we have also sought various certifications by our International Retailers which provide substantial evidence that we are committed towards the welfare of our workers too. Arihant Inc has been able to make substantial and steady increase in absolute volume and value of export since 2008.